Tessellate Furniture is a small Sunshine Coast Business providing unique custom made furniture and installations for both residential and commercial applications, with 10 years industry experience and a strong creative passion for fine woodworking and craftsmanship.


Cameron Darling

Wood Shaper

“I don’t see furniture as just an everyday usable object. When executed well, it’s a piece of art!”
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Unique Style

Tessellate Furniture started with a passion for making a unique style of furniture using recycled timber which would have otherwise rotted away or been thrown into landfill. Not only is using recycled timber sustainable, but the timber is rich in history, every nail hole, dent and timber grain tells a story, which is evident in the beauty of the finished product.

Your Favorite Medium

We also work with a number of different materials, so if you have a specific style or medium you’d like to use we’d love to know. Even if we haven’t worked with it before, we’ll endeavour to achieve the best result for your masterpiece.